Join the ASU today, to build a better life at work and a stronger country.


Your work is the foundation of your life: doesn’t it make sense to protect it? 

Join the ASU today, to build a better life at work and a stronger country.

Membership is tax deductible, so ends up costing most members less than $10 per week (based on average weekly earnings for members, after tax return).

the top 5 reasons to join your union 

1. The ASU protects your rights at work
The ASU represents you for your pay and conditions. An ASU Organiser is your dedicated work resource to negotiate agreements, enforce conditions of employment, deal with management, provide advice to, and represent, you.
2. Our specialists have you covered
ASU members are supported by specialists including an internal legal team and dedicated OHS Officers.  We employ staff who specialise in training, research, policy, and women specific issues – at your disposal.
3. Savings, discounts and member only deals

Make the most of your pay
Our association with Vision Super, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and ME Bank means you always have a financial mate in the industry.

Discounted shopping
We offer our members the best possible savings through collective buying power. Visit our website for member-only deals.

4. Strength in numbers
Big business has too much power and many of them are in a race to the bottom on wages and job security. Our members deserve their fair share.

There’s strength in numbers. Join now for a fairer share for working Australians.

5. ASU Member contact centre
Members have access to a personal resource for assistance. Contact our MCC via phone, email or web.

1300 855 570

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