ASU Members working in Community Services in the Bendigo Region battle tough conditions, low pay and the emotional/psychological impacts of your work to maintain and improve the well-being of the community. This applies whether youre a frontline worker or support that work through a more ‘back of house role. Either way, you keep our community safe, healthy and well.  

We know that you don’t always get the time or opportunity to celebrate the excellent work that you and your colleagues do. That’s why the ASU is putting on an event to acknowledge and celebrate your tireless efforts. 

DATE: Friday 2 June
TIME: From 5.30pm
VENUE: Bendigo Trades Hall

Join us for a casual BBQ dinner, drinks, and conversation with your ASU colleagues from the various employers in the region. We’ll also have some limited ASU gear to share with you, so you can show your ASU pride at work.

This event is limited to ASU members and their families (kids welcome & quiet space available), so if you have colleagues who you think should be there but aren’t in the union, invite them to join today by heading to  

Please share this email with your colleagues so they can come along as well.

RSVP ASAP (including any family coming with you, and dietary requirements) to ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan at 

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