The ASU has recently become aware that Belgravia Leisure management have been rejecting medical certificates and not paying sick leave entitlements to members.  ASU Organiser Gin Fuller met with management on Thursday 9 May to discuss.

Belgravia Leisure management advised that they were only concerned about the health and wellbeing of the staff and needed more details on the certificate.

Gin promptly advised that they are not medical practitioners, do not require any further information and should cease this behaviour immediately. At this point in time it appears only to be staff who have transferred from Mornington Peninsula Shire on the 2014 MP Shire Enterprise Agreement that management have concerns regarding their health and wellbeing.

Despite this conversation on 9 May, management have very recently once again rejected a personal leave request.

The ASU has genuine concern that staff are being directly targeted as a result of their sick leave entitlements under the 2014 MP Shire Enterprise Agreement. If you are experiencing this behaviour please call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 immediately.

The ASU will be putting this matter into dispute in the fair work commission. We will provide further information once the dispute has been lodged.

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