For the last five months your union representatives have been negotiating with BCYF management for a new enterprise agreement. In this process four agreements are being rolled into one: Glastonbury Community Services, Time 4 Youth, Barwon Medicare Local and Barwon Youth.

Your ASU log of claims top item was that the Glastonbury agreement would be the base document as it contained, in most cases, significantly better provisions than the other three agreements. BCYF initially agreed to this.

Disappointingly this is not what has occurred.

Meetings are being held to discuss these matters in more detail and it is imperative that you attend and bring your co-workers!

DATE: Monday 15 April
TIME: 11.00am
VENUE: Headspace Meeting Room

DATE: Monday 15 April
TIME: 1.00pm
VENUE: Malop Streeet

These are approved paid time meetings, so please book them into your calendar.

You’re going backwards
BCYF have paid an undisclosed fee for corporate lawyers Harwood Andrews to draft a new anti-worker agreement from scratch.

BCYF’s proposed agreement contains the following alarming clauses:

  • Refusing to provide wage certainty by not providing wage increases outside of the minimum wage decision each July, for a period of 4 years.
  • Maintaining a master and slave mentality by limiting what you as a worker can dispute.
  • Shamefully attempting to include that in order for you to request the Fair Work Commission arbitrate a dispute on your behalf, BCYF have to first AGREE to arbitration.
  • Holding an archaic view on what circumstances you are entitled to access compassionate and carers leave, limiting it to only traditional relationships, not a significant relationship.
  • Insisting that fixed term contracts can and will be used repeatedly at their discretion.
  • Introducing Broken Shifts to all programs and services “by mutual agreement”.

There are numerous other claims that you made at the beginning of this process that have been outright refused by BCYF. The ASU wants to stop conditions going backwards at BCYF! To do this we need to hear what you think of the proposed offer and work with members to stop this.

We want to make sure all staff know how bad this backwards deal is. These meetings will be open to BCYF employees who aren’t yet ASU members and information on joining the ASU will be available. Remember, only members can have a say on how the ASU proceeds, ensure your voice is heard and join today!

Want to get the best outcomes possible in your EA?

  • Encourage other members to come to the meeting with you
  • Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join the ASU

If you would like to join the union, please visit:

Why join?
Your work is the foundation of your life: doesn’t it make sense to protect it? The ASU protects your rights at work, provides expert advice and support and delivers members only savings and discounts. We are not-for-profit, member-owned and run. We exist only for the benefit of our members.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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