Your amazing ASU delegates have raised concerns about how some divisions at BCYF are handling working from home requests. Delegates are working on resolving these concerns with leadership. However, as workplaces across the country grapple with returning to the office, it’s important to remember our rights regarding flexible working arrangements including working from home.

As union members, you have the right to consult your ASU workplace delegate before agreeing to any flexible working arrangement proposed by your employer or when renegotiating one if your circumstances change. Talk to your ASU delegate if you have any questions or concerns about your working conditions.

The National Employment Standards guarantees that employees can request an individual flexible working arrangement (including working from home) if they are: over 55, are the parent/carer of young children, have a disability, are a recognised carer, or are experiencing domestic violence. An employer must cite clear and reasonable business grounds if they wish to refuse a request. See this link for more information take this link to the Fair Work Ombudsmen.

Any significant change to working conditions is covered by the consultation clause in your Enterprise Agreement and health and safety standards. This means that employers must consider the needs and concerns of employees before transitioning workers back into the office. Considerations around COVID safety, such as employees’ ability to social distance in the office must also be considered. If you have concerns about staying safe in the workplace, reach out to your ASU delegate or Health and Safety Rep.

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For further information please contact:
Your ASU delegate or ASU Organiser, Corina Parkwell at

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