Members have received an email from BCYF advising that they have suspended the voting for the proposed enterprise agreement as they have now agreed to review their position on 2 matters.

Those matters are the Dispute Resolution clause and the definition of family for the provision of carers and compassionate leave.

BCYF have agreed to insert the model clause for Dispute Resolution as contained in the Fair Work Regulations. This will remove the consent arbitration wording and members will retain the right to seek arbitration by the Fair Work Commission without BCYF having to first agree.

As yet your representatives have not seen the proposal for the expansion of the definition of family so cannot make comment.

This is a significant win for members and has only come about by your determination that you will not accept a backwards deal. BCYF executives heard this loud and clear.

Unfortunately there is still work to be done, there are several other clauses that your representatives cannot agree to;

  • No guaranteed wage increase after December 2020, despite wanting to lock you into a 4 year agreement.
  • The introduction of broken shifts that would apply to ALL staff
  • No agreement to limit fixed term contracts, leaving members with no job certainty
  • A refusal to negotiate a way to introduce a 5th week of annual leave. Member’s proposal of 1 day per year for each year of service to a maximum of 5 was immediately rejected by BCYF.
  • headspace members being forced to accept mapping of their positions to align with the new BCYF levels, even though they don’t agree with some of it.

Your ASU representatives will be holding meetings at your worksite over the next 2 weeks, advice on these dates and times will be provided. Discussion will need to take place on whether BCYFs movement on the Dispute Resolution and definition of family (still not yet seen) is enough for members to cast a yes vote whilst the above issues are still outstanding.

It is important to note that only ASU members will be able to attend the meetings and determine where to from here so potential members are encouraged to join today.

It is simple for non-members to join the ASU online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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