As members are aware, BYCF recently stopped the voting process on a new enterprise agreement (EA) to change their offer.

Those changes came about only because members made it clear in recent info sessions that the offer being presented and the draconian approach by BCYF was unacceptable.

This forced BCYF into making amendments to the proposed agreement to try to get the agreement voted up. Those changes were:

  • Dispute Resolution clause: they have now agreed to remove consent arbitration wording and revert back to what you already have; which is a right to request the Fair Work Commission to arbitrate on a dispute without BCYF having to agree to this.
  • They have expanded the entitlement on who you can claim carers and compassionate leave The clause now reads “another person where BCYF’s manager People and Culture, or his or her delegate, is satisfied that person had a strong personal connection with the employee”.

Whilst we welcome these changes and members are to be congratulated for their determination in these matters, members have told us this is not enough. The offer is still well short of where it needs to be for members to accept it.

At recent membership meetings it was agreed that there still needed to be movement on the following issues:

  • An increase to annual leave entitlements and the reduction of long service leave for those currently covered by the Barwon Youth and Time for Youth agreements.
  • Certainty around wage increases post the last ERO payment in December 2020 (note that BCYF have now agreed to amend the term of the agreement to 3 years, which is an improvement)
  • That headspace staff have not agreed to the translation of their classifications to the new BCYF levels
  • Surety around fixed term contracts
  • The introduction of broken shifts. Alarmingly it appears that there is an intention to introduce broken shifts into the Family and Community Services programs. This is in direct conflict with assurances at the bargaining table that broken shifts would only apply to the City Limits and Out of Home Care programs.

Your ASU representatives have repeatedly requested that BCYF halt the voting process and come back to the bargaining table to discuss the issues however they have refused each request.

Voting for the new EA commences on Wed 26 June at 9am and closes at 5pm on Tues 2 July.

All members are encouraged to vote and to vote NO. This is the only way to get BCYF back to the table and start meaningful discussions around the remaining issues, including their intentions with broken shifts.

Members are also encouraged to speak to your colleagues about why they should VOTE NO. Voting is open to all staff, not just ASU members so it’s important to ensure everyone is aware of what’s at stake.

For further information please contact your delegate or
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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