Bargaining continues for a new enterprise agreement.

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement continued with a meeting held between your ASU bargaining representatives and BCYF management on Thursday 29 November.

BCYF completed discussions on their log of claims and ANMF presented their claims for nurses.

BCYF responded to the majority of the ASU member log of claims.

Whilst there are still some ASU claims for BCYF to respond to and quite a few that require further discussion there is an alarming trend becoming apparent.

BCYF claim that they will be “substantially” using the Glastonbury agreement as the base for most clauses, as this agreement generally contains better provisions than the Barwon Medicare Local, Time 4 Youth and Barwon Youth agreements.

However, BCYF have revealed a plan to attempt to massively reduce some vital entitlements, such as personal leave and annual leave.

ASU very clearly stated at the meeting that any reduction of entitlements will be met with strong resistance from members and urged BCYF to reconsider their position.

The next and final meeting for 2018 will be held on Thursday 13 December where BCYF will complete their response to the ASU log of claims and further discussion will be held.

Membership meetings will be held to provide a complete overview of BCYFs response and to discuss the next steps of negotiations.

Your representatives at the bargaining table are:

  • Meaghan Budd
  • Dawn Stuart
  • Liz Kinnane
  • Stephanie McLean
  • Zac Demopoulos
  • Julie Morris
  • Joanne McEvoy – ASU Organiser

Now, more than ever it’s vital to encourage your colleagues to join the ASU and ensure that any attempt to erode your conditions and entitlements is stopped.

By encouraging your colleagues to join the ASU you are helping to build a better life at work and a stronger country. ASU membership is tax deductible. It pays to belong.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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