Staff Consultative Committee Meeting: 19 March 2019
The ASU and their delegates met with management as part of the Staff Consultative Committee on 19 March. The purpose of these meetings are to address any issues raised by staff relating to the agreement, monitor the use of casual, fixed term, agency hire and replacement staff and provide feedback on staff related policies.

The points below were raised by the ASU:

  1. Casual and agency hire use report update
    Management provided an update on the use of casual and agency staff across council. This showed a reduction since the last report provided. Council have expressed their desire to reduce this further in the coming weeks, this is positive and the ASU welcomes further reductions. The ASU is investigating this further, and will maintain attention on the issue of secure jobs.
  2. Policy review
    ASU delegates will be provided updates and new staff policies over the next few months and will meet to review these policies to provide input to council on these to ensure they are just and comply with the current EA.
  3. Representative for workplace meetings
    The ASU raised the issue of a representative being offered in any workplace meeting. It is important that staff are offered a representative for any work related meeting, formal or informal and we encourage all members to take their union delegate wing to meetings. We have recently learnt that not all members know they can take a representative, or may not have been offered that option. Council undertake that all staff will be given the option and acknowledge that the role in the meeting is as a representative If this is not the case, please let your delegate know so we can address this.
  4. Customer service phone call policy
    Delegates raised their concerns with the new process in place regarding the customer service department taking abusive, threatening calls and the way to deal with these calls. Past process was that 3 warnings would be given to the customer and the call could be terminated. We understand that the current process is to escalate these calls to their supervisor however supervisors are not always available and this means the customer is still on the line. The ASU and delegates asked council to review this process as some staff are left feeling extremely upset and shaken by calls of this nature. We argued that this behaviour is not acceptable nor tolerated by staff at council so it should not be tolerated by customers either. Council agreed and will review this process and provide an update at the next meeting.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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