Bass Coast wrote to the ASU on the 30 October, 2018 and confirmed that they would remain a provided of Aged care and Disability Services until June, 2020 or beyond. Three weeks later they informed the ASU that they would withdraw from service by December, 2019.

In light of funding being extended until June 2022, and commitments under the ALP Federal and State Labor platforms the ASU believes that discussions with Council to stay a provider and broker for other agencies should be on the table for discussion.

The ASU is concerned that your employer is paying lip service to consultation. Council officers have failed to consult about its decision and how it will mitigate the negative effects on its members.

Bass Coast Council is obliged to provide your union with information related to their decision and to date have not complied with their commitments to consult under the Bass Coast Enterprise Agreement 2016.

The ASU has written to your employer to remind them of their obligations and requested they provide time lines of the change and how they will mitigate effects of the change.

Council’s response informs us that Council will meet with the Department of Social Services on July 2 when further information will be made available about the process.

We have also been informed that Council has plans to support staff with preparation for further employment and personal development programs. The ASU is unsure if these are the appropriate strategies for our members and seeks your feedback on these plans.

The ASU has not been provided with any information to date that informs us of the rationale for the decision and will be seeking discussions with your employer to better understand their positon.

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake | 0418 106 739

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