The Gippsland Shared Services (GSS) project has successfully secured $4.5 million in funding, which is good news provided it is not used to cut jobs, pay or conditions of Council staff.

We understand that an entity will be established to manage the GSS project but the 4 participating Councils will not rule out transferring Council work into the entity. We believe that it puts your job security, pay and conditions at risk.

The Councils are meeting with Local Government Victoria this month to finalise the project and we are meeting with Councils at the end of this month.

A meeting will be held with ASU members and potential members to discuss the GSS project:

DATE: Thursday 18 July
TIME: 12 noon
VENUE: Civic Centre – room to be confirmed

For further information please contact:
The ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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