On Monday, 29 October your ASU bargaining representatives met with Barwon Child, Youth and Family (BCYF) management to commence negotiations for a new enterprise agreement that will combine the Barwon, Time for Youth, Glastonbury and Headspace agreements into one.

This process will finally see all members employed by BCYF being covered by the same conditions and entitlements.

At the meeting discussion was held regarding the process, including expectations of minutes being circulated and it was agreed that negotiation meetings will be held fortnightly.

BCYF management advised that whilst they weren’t attempting to delay the process they would now be including nurses into the agreement, which is a welcome move to the ASU. The Fair Work Act states that they are now required to issue a new Notice of Employee Representational Rights to employees to capture that nurses will be included, which in itself should not delay negotiations, however management expressed their desire to not speak on their claims until they have contacted the nurses’ union, the ANMF, and allow them time to develop a claim of their own.

Your ASU representatives stood firm that Members did not wish to see any further delays and that the next meeting should be held on 15 November.

ASU spoke on Members’ expectations for a new agreement and it is pleasing to advise that BCYF management have agreed that the Glastonbury agreement, which in most cases contains better conditions and entitlements, will be the base document we will work with for all employees.

BCYF also acknowledged that Headspace employees are paid considerably less than other employees in the organisation and has agreed with the ASU that pay rates should be aligned. Whilst there is work to be done to ensure classifications align, this is a significant commitment for Headspace members.

The ASU will be holding information sessions in the coming weeks to brief members further.

Your representatives at the bargaining table are:

  • Meaghan Budd
  • Dawn Stuart
  • Liz Kinnane
  • Stephanie McLean
  • Zac Demopoulos
  • Julie Morris
  • ASU Organisers – Lorraine Di Pietrantonio and Joanne McEvoy

Members are to be congratulated for their involvement in this process; it’s only because of a strong united membership that great results can be achieved.

It’s not too late to stand with your colleagues! This is your agreement that will set your wages and conditions into the future.

Join the ASU today, to build a better life at work and a stronger country. ASU membership is tax deductible. It pays to belong. Have your voice heard and join the ASU online today via www.asuvictas.com.au

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 | jmcevoy@asuvictas.com.au

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