Barwon Water has written to ASU to advise of a proposed change to the Connections Team structure. 

The change will effectively result in a team of ten being reduced to four, with any unplaced candidates eligible for a targeted separation package. 

The ASU has serious concerns about this proposal, which effectively replaces workers with an automated, self-serve system for customers. It’s the kind of thing you would expect from a supermarket chain, not a public sector water corporation. 

Under clause 8.2 of your Barwon Water Enterprise Agreement, management must consult with the union and affected staff of any major change proposal. We have already had preliminary correspondence with Barwon Water and sought clarification on a number of matters. Here is a copy of this correspondence, and the proposed organisational chart.

But now we want to hear from you. If you are affected by this and need union assistance, or would like to provide feedback on the proposal, please contact Organiser Matt Price at 

Please share this newsletter with your colleagues and talk to them about the importance of union membership. New members can join at

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