Regional Network Meetings are happening right across Victoria, with industry specific and regionally based meetings now a regular occurrence.

Network meetings are another way ASU can be united for a stronger voice for workers.

The inaugural meeting of the Barwon Region Home Care Network recently took place at Geelong Trades Hall Council.

At the meeting, ASU members and delegates from councils around the Geelong discussed the impact funding uncertainty is having on their workplaces, and what direction they see things going in.

The discussion was positive, with members discussing their own experiences and getting updates from the ASU on what is happening around Victoria.

ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin attended and noted the constructive tone of the meeting, with a lot of good ideas coming from members around how the Union can better keep members updated and build the presence of the ASU in their workplaces at this vital time.

Meetings of the Barwon Region Home care Network are expected to happen bi-monthly, with the next meeting scheduled for early June.

Keep an eye out for more information on when that is, and if you’re a home care member in the region come along and get involved!

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