Agreement Approved

Finally, your new BAS Enterprise Agreement has been approved. Last Friday, Commissioner Bissett issued advice to the parties that the new Agreement will come into effect on 15 March.

Wins for members include a first payrise of 4.15%, to be backdated to 28 July 2018 as well as the $250 sign on bonus. A further 3.25% is effective as of 9 February 2019, with a further 3% in Feb 2020 and 3% in Feb 2021.

It will be a significant pay day when all this is processed, and a great time to remind your colleagues about the benefits of union membership. Information about ASU membership can be found here

In addition to these pay increases, the union also achieved:

  • Sick Leave Needs & Trust (unlimited sick leave) for all staff
  • 9 Day Fortnight for all staff
  • End of Band payment (currently $500) to be indexed (i.e. Will increase in line with quantum increases)
  • Victorian Public Sector model clauses to be included:
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Consultation
    • Work & Family
  • Family Violence Support (including 20 days leave)
  • Parental Leave (including superannuation on paid parental leave)
  • Minimum 20 staff on Standby roster and 4 weeks between Standby periods
  • 10-hour break – BAS to provide a 10-hour break following completion of all shifts.
  • A disturbance allowance of one hour’s pay for all false alarm calls on standby
  • A new clause to deal with misconduct and underperformance
  • A new clause to provide processes for working in inclement weather

This was significant win for staff at BAS. Not only did we restore the conditions that were lost in the transition to Programmed, but we made some significant gains on top of that.

And it was only possible thanks to the solidarity of ASU members at BAS!

Call For Delegates

We know that our strength in any workplaces depends on having strong delegates, and we saw that throughout enterprise bargaining.
But the fact is we need new delegates at BAS. If you are interested in nominating or becoming a delegate, or would like to know more about the role, please contact Organiser Matt Price at

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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