Bargaining for your EA is making good progress.

The City of Launceston Bargaining Committee met again on Wednesday the 2nd of December and discussed a number of proposed changes to provisions in your EA that have been tabled by CoL.

The following proposals were tabled and discussed:

  • Time in Lieu

CoL has proposed including information relating to the payout of accrued Time in Lieu when an employee ceases employment. As per custom and practice the payout would be at one and a half times the Employee’s base hourly rate. The ASU provided in principle agreement to this inclusion, however, we are yet to discuss the ASU claim to review the Time in Lieu process and our request that overtime penalty rates apply.

  • Education Assistance Payment

CoL has proposed that the details of this provision be removed from the EA and replaced with a reference to the Employee Education Assistance Policy. The ASU has asked CoL to provide the proposed Policy for discussion at the next meeting.

  • Scheduling and the direction to take Long Service Leave

CoL has proposed that Long Service Leave  (not taken in conjunction with other forms of leave)  may be taken without the approval of a General Manager in blocks of 5 days or more; as opposed to the current provision of 9 days or more. The ASU welcomes the improvement to this provision as we believe that employees should not be restricted in how you access your Long Service Leave. We will be working to improve this provision even further. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

  • Fair Work Commission model Consultation provision

CoL has proposed that the Fair Work Commission model Consultation provision is incorporated into your EA. This provision means that CoL must commence consultation when they have made a definite decision to introduce a major change. The ASU believes that it is vital for Consultation to occur prior to the making of a definite decision. The consultation process should provide employees with the capacity to influence the outcome of the decision. The ASU claim is for your EA Consultation provision to reflect Council’s Seriously Entertained Change policy. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

We will keep you updated as negotiations continue.

If you have any questions in regards to this bulletin please contact ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne on 0429004237 or one of the ASU Bargaining Team:

  • Jo Swan – 0400373845
  • Stuart Bucknell – 0478708824
  • Mick Arrowsmith – 0448477747
  • Peter Miller – 0409737250
  • Johnny Silczak – 0418998776
  • Michelle Crowden – 0428015555



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