ASU is preparing our log of claims for the new VicRoads Enterprise Agreement. With the transition to the Department of Transport, this new agreement will effectively only cover Registration and Licencing.

We have held a number of member meetings at VicRoads sites to formulate this log. If you would like to hold a meeting in your workplace, please contact Organiser Matt Price at to arrange a meeting.

There has been some confusion about the application of the State Government’s new wages policy. VicRoads were initially advised that prior to bargaining commencing, management and the Union has to agree on either a 4 year agreement @ 2% pay rise p/a, or a one year roll over agreement @ 2.5% pay rise p/a.

The ASU have made it clear that we are not agreeing to pay rises prior to the commencement of bargaining, and that any attempt to make us do so is in breach of the Fair Work Act’s good faith bargaining rules.

We will only be discussing pay outcomes once we are in negotiations, and under the guidance and advice of ASU members and delegates. And we do not accept that members must choose between 2% and 2.5% before bargaining starts.

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