The City West Water Enterprise Agreement is set to expire in mid 2019, and our first bargaining meeting with Management has been scheduled for 14 December.

In order to put together our log of claims, we have scheduled members meetings for next week. We want to hear from you about what you want in the new Agreement.

Meetings will be as follows:

Thursday December 6th

9:00 AM – Altona Treatment Plant
11:00 AM – 1 McNab Avenue, Training Room 6.12
12:00 Noon – 1 McNab Avenue, Training Room 6.12

Staff at CWW will have received a Notice of Employee Representation Rights (NERR). If you are a union member you will be represented at bargaining by ASU, so you do not need to fill in the NERR.

The ASU has negotiated many Enterprise Agreements across the water industry this year, and it is clear that we get the best results where we have the strongest membership! Now is time to talk to your colleagues about joining the Union – united we stand, divided we beg.

Share the link to join the ASU on line here:

Who are the ASU and what do we do?

The ASU is a union for people in diverse industries who deliver services that the community relies on every day. When you need it most, the ASU is your work insurance with expertise and clout to advocate for you. We improve the lives of our members at work and get them the time they need for family and friends. We provide services which help them stretch their pay packet further. ASU members work together to build a fairer country.

If you cannot make these meetings but would like to provide feedback, please contact Matt Price at

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