The ASU is here to improve the working lives of our members. That’s why we invest significant time and resources into bargaining enterprise agreements in so many of our members’ workplaces.

We often hear that members in different organisations are looking for the same thing. And some claims are put to our members to progress social justice causes, such as family violence leave.

With this in mind, the ASU has been working on a minimum standards document for Tasmanian Local Government agreements so that we can ensure consistency across the sector.

Our list of preferred claims includes:

  • changes to the way immediate family is defined, to ensure our Aboriginal and culturally diverse comrades and have their family connections recognised when needing to provide care or in the case of bereavement;
  • improvements to the working conditions for casual, fixed term and labour-hire employees, ensuring they can convert to permanent employment when possible as well as removing circumstances which provide them less superannuation or other entitlements than other employees;
  • Ensuring labour-hire arrangements are entered into with employees receiving the same rates and conditions as directly employed members, ensuring it is both more expensive to enter into these arrangements than to employ directly and to ensure that people asked to enter into these arrangements are paid appropriately for the work they do;
  • Improving terms around air quality and working in excessive heat to ensure the health and safety of members required to expose themselves to these dangers;
  • reproductive leave, lactation breaks and better parental leave terms to ensure both women and men in the workplace are provided with favourable conditions to allow them to work and not burn their own recreation leave; and
  • so much more.

If you have bargaining coming up soon you can expect your Organiser to be chatting with you about these claims and seeking your endorsement to progress these issues, and others, to ensure the best conditions at work for everyone.

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