After some delay Bethany management finally provided your ASU representatives with a proposed draft Enterprise Agreement.

This agreement outlines Bethany’s position in relation to your claims and in addition some of their own claims.

Delegates met on 28 January to discuss the proposal and whilst there are some very positive outcomes there are also several claims that require further discussion and negotiation.

The key claims that delegates  identified as most important and of most concern to members are proposed changes in Purchased, Personal and Annual Leave conditions and entitlements as well as reduced Unpaid Leave provisions

Delegates will be meeting with management on 18 February to further discuss our concerns, regarding the new Enterprise Agreement. Member meetings will be organised and called soon after.

Of further concern to delegates is a potential issue that may have been identified with Time in Lieu for overtime.

Your current agreement includes an attached undertaking that states “that all Time in Lieu taken for overtime must be accrued at overtime rates, that is, time and one half up to double time and half.” There are concerns that accruals for Time in Lieu have only been at time for time (hour for hour).

Members who have taken Time in Lieu for approved overtime are strongly encouraged to check their accruals and promptly advise an ASU delegate ASAP of any discrepancy.

Your delegates at Bethany are:
Angela Carr
Sabina Mischker
Katrina Crothers
Stephen Burton

Securing an agreement that provides a fair and improved outcome doesn’t come easy.

By increasing our numbers and strength we can and will continue to fight to improve your working lives.

Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join ASU today. Joining is quick and easy via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy |

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