Management has tabled a draft of the enterprise agreement. They have removed clauses and inserted new ones without any negotiation.

There have been substantial changes; the current agreement is 176 pages and management have slashed it to 56. We are still working through the agreement but some of the nasties include:

  • Reduced overtime rates for depot and community care staff
  • Reductions in and removal of some allowances
  • Reduced job security for casuals; and
  • Reduced income security for part-time employees.

In addition, management has not told us what the changes are, they just expect us to find them!

This is not bargaining in good faith and we have written to the CEO. Pending the CEO’s response, we will apply to the Fair Work Commission for bargaining orders to ensure that they bargain in good faith.

We will be in touch shortly with information about members meetings to form our log of claims. Our process is to meet with your ASU delegates first to discuss log of claims ideas. We will then draft these up and hold members meetings to endorse the log of claims, it is important for you to attend these meetings and have your say!

In the meantime, let your co-workers know what’s going on – the ASU can not agree to sub-standard EAs!

Remember the Vision Super Local Hero Awards for outstanding local government workers. You can get more information or nominate a workmate here.

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