The ASU has been assisting 3 Care Managers whose role for the past decade have come with a work car. Last year, Baptcare attempted to remove these vehicles from our members without any consultation and advised them they would be given a motor vehicle allowance instead.

The allowance offered in no way adequately compensated our members and the ASU fought hard against the implementation of this change, citing that Baptcare was making a change to our member’s contracts without their consent.

Only in August 2021 did Baptcare provide our members with what the allowance will be. Despite this, and despite our members being in lockdown, Baptcare is now removing these vehicles from our members on 1 October 2021, with no care as to how they will do their jobs.

The ASU has dealt with over 4 different HR officers and now Baptcare has engaged a Senior Lawyer to pressure our members into giving up a car they have relied on for over 10 years.

Click here to see Baptcare’s values and ask yourself, does this kind of behaviour align?

Staff may also be feeling a cultural change at Baptcare which the ASU believe has occurred with recent changes within the HR team who are far more punitive than ever before. The ASU would advise all staff to be cautious of any meetings with HR and encourage taking a support person.

Staff who have been ASU members for 3 months or more are entitled to get support from the union during these meetings, so make sure you are a member and protect yourself against an increasingly unfair workplace.

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