The ASU has received concerning reports of an absence of any leadership or direction to outdoor employees at the operations depot about the wearing of face masks.

ASU Organiser Will Wyatt has tried to contact council to seek clarification on any additional precautions council directs, in addition to the directions issued by DHHS and the States Chief Health Officer.

Banyule has advised ASU that face coverings have been issued to all employees, but in the absence of lawful directions from your employer that additional precautions are required, the DHHS website directs the following:

Unless an exception applies, if you live in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire you must wear a face-covering when you leave your home for one of the four reasons: shopping for food and supplies, recreation or exercise, medical care and caregiving, and study or work

A face covering is not required in the following circumstances:

Infants and children under the age of 12 years.

A person who is affected by a relevant medical condition – including problems with their breathing, a serious skin condition on the face, a disability or a mental health condition. This also includes persons who are communicating with a person who is hearing impaired, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.

Persons for whom wearing a face covering would create a risk to that person’s health and safety-related to their work, as determined through OH&S guidelines.

Persons whose professions require clear enunciation or visibility of their mouth. This includes teaching or live broadcasting.

  • Professional sportspeople when training or competing.
  • When the individual is doing any exercise or physical activity where they are out of breath or puffing; examples include jogging or running but not walking. You must have a face covering on you and wear it when you finish exercising.
  • When directed by police to remove the face covering to ascertain identity.
  • The person is travelling in a vehicle by themselves or with other members of their household.
  • When consuming food, drink, medication or when smoking/vaping.
  • When undergoing dental treatment or other medical care to the extent that the procedure requires that no face covering may be worn.
  • During emergencies.

You must carry a face covering with you when leaving home for one of the four reasons, even if you don’t need to wear it while undertaking your current activity, for example, you can take your face covering off to eat. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face-covering at all times you don’t need to carry it with you.

For further information please contact: your local Delegate, HSR or;
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | | 0418 320 625

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