Scheduled bargaining meetings have ended but we’re still working hard to finalise your EBA and get the best deal for all ASU members.

The main outstanding issues are:

  • Removal of 25% loading for permanent part-time staff in leisure and school crossings
  • Removal of Saturday penalty rates for social support services
  • Removal of ‘any other matter’ from the scope of the dispute resolution clause
  • Cap of 3% in the fourth year of salary increases (if the rate cap is over that)

Next steps
ASU lodged an application for a conciliated bargaining session at the Fair Work Commission to resolve those issues, which will take place on Wednesday 13 April.

We are hopeful some/all of those outstanding issues will be resolved through that process.

What if they don’t?
ASU members across Banyule told us these are very important issues that would likely trigger a ‘NO Vote’ if they are not resolved.

We know this has been going on a long time but we’re almost there. This is when it’s most important not to ‘blink’.

ASU bargaining reps will assess any offer that is made and advise you what we think. If we call on you to vote it down it’s because the offer doesn’t serve your interests, so we need you to support that position.

We’re hopeful Banyule will see the problems, recognise they are expecting lower-paid, less secure, mostly female workers to shoulder the burdens of their changes (while preaching about gender equality), and fix those outstanding issues before putting an offer to you.

In the meantime, while the ASU is fighting hard for conditions that will affect all Banyule staff, talk to colleagues about joining the Union and supporting the fight today:

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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