It’s been a little while since the outcome of the Banyule EBA vote was advised, and after getting over the frustration of such a narrow result it’s important to highlight the wins and losses from these negotiations.

Leisure/School Crossings
We can’t reflect on this outcome without feeling disappointed at the impact on staff in leisure and school crossings who lost around 25% of their salary.

Already the lowest-paid staff, the hypocrisy of a council who espouses values of caring for the interests of women and vulnerable members of the community to disregard the wellbeing of their own staff was reprehensible.

Ultimately it was staff who voted to accept this, but seeing management push “vote yes” while knowing the impact it would have, and the CEO “pleased to advise” almost 46% of staff voted against the proposal, still makes those of us who actually care for those workers feel disappointed.

They could have done much more for them.

Dispute Resolution
A huge win from these negotiations is to remove consent arbitration from the Agreement.

You now have a proper process to hold Council accountable for breaking the rules.

This will make a big difference in the future and can’t be overstated in significance.

Other improvements
As well as significant increases to their wage offer, the ASU also achieved numerous small improvements to allowances, work times, employee flexibility, standby etc. which you should begin to see take effect when the EBA comes into effect.

Thanks to your amazing ASU Delegates for their tireless advocacy for members during bargaining.

If you wish we’d been able to keep fighting for a better outcome, remember votes are won with numbers. Invite a co-worker to join the ASU at

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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