You have been getting reasons to vote yes for the EBA offer from management. The ASU is unconvinced and it’s important you know why before casting your vote.

Reason #1: Leisure & School Crossing Supervisors
Banyule is removing an allowance providing 25% to the base pay of workers in leisure and school crossings. This was in lieu of annual leave, personal leave, and public holiday penalties. This will leave the lowest-paid workers at Council FAR worse off.

We pushed for months to get ongoing compensation for their loss, but management refused. Eventually, they reluctantly included a one-off measure that doesn’t go NEARLY far enough.

Don’t sell out your lowest-paid colleagues: VOTE NO!

Reason #2: Dispute Resolution
Management unnecessarily removed “any workplace matter” from the scope of your dispute resolution clause, limiting what you can raise disputes about. They NEVER provided a good reason for doing this.

Don’t restrict your own powers to ensure fairness: VOTE NO!

Reason #3: Salary Increase
Despite the pay increase on offer being fairly meagre members were only asking that the 3% limit be removed in the final year, but management refused.

Moreland Council staff are on strike right now because of a “rubbish” pay offer that is still better than what Banyule Council is offering you!

Join the fight for wages that keep up with your cost of living: VOTE NO!

Reason #4: Never accept a ‘first offer’
If the offer is voted down, we go back to the bargaining table and management need to do better. You have nothing to lose by voting their first offer down.

It’s a negotiation: VOTE NO!

Talk to a colleague today about becoming an ASU member and voting NO:

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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