An ASU delegation today attended the depot for a meeting with management, the purpose was to resolve a dispute on the councils failure to meet their obligations to consult on additional CCTV installation.

But HR was a no show and the Operations manager refused to hold discussions without HR support, asking for an email. Not even a courtesy call was placed to let ASU know the meeting was no longer proceeding or to request a reschedule.

This attempt at resolving the dispute over CCTV installation was an action endorsed by all members at the meeting held last Tuesday 2 April.

All available Operations, Parks and Gardens members and delegates from other council services were in attendance.

Members and Delegates have raised concerns with ASU Organisers and in turn we have passed on these concerns to all levels of management.

These concerns go to the overall management system of intimidation, and the cowardly approach to supervision in the workplace, which is via CCTV monitoring and not in accordance with expectations set out in the code of conduct, discipline policy, OH&S laws, and the enterprise agreement.

Senior management at Banyule depot have shown a flagrant disregard for the code of conduct as it applies to them, while adopting a punitive, hard line approach to employees on the most trivial of matters.

The double standards, hypocrisy, and cronyism is in direct violation of the management principles of providing a safe, encouraging, respectful and supportive work environment.

The ASU has written to the CEO, outlining our members concerns, and has also expressed our profound dissatisfaction with HR to the Head of Corporate Services. You can download a copy of this letter here.

If we cannot achieve satisfaction with the highest levels of management, ASU will explore all options, starting with a request for assistance from the Fair Work Commission.

The ASU will keep members updated on this issue as we follow our obligations to resolve the dispute legally.

For further information or questions contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |


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