On Monday evening Banyule City Council decided to withdraw from Home Support [domestic and personal care and respite] these services will begin a transition to cessation from July 1 2020. There was an excellent turn out of ASU members and delegates and strong community support. The ASU was made aware of this intention a couple of weeks ago, and launched into action, lobbying councillors, seeking support from Members of Parliament community, and union members.

At the council meeting ASU and prominent community members spoke against the recommendations of the Banyule council officers, however, the decision was made in a vote of 6 for, and 1 against.  Cr Rick Garotti, unsuccessfully proposed a motion to defer the decision noting that the policy settings in aged care were likely to change due to  the Federal election, and Royal Commission. He also noted the advances the ASU had achieved in relation to State policy change on competitive neutrality.

In acknowledgement of the difficult decisions the Mayor noted at the close of discussions;  “…my commitment is if there is major change, we will certainly reconsider any changes that are going to be significantly affecting its community, but at the moment the attitude or position  of council is heading down the track of supporting what is printed in the paper… “

The ASU’s role in vigorously advocating on behalf of impacted members continues. Additionally, ASU has a role in the transition for home support workers, which will require employer’s consideration of ASU members’ views and requirements. The ASU will ensure all members’ views are represented, and industrial, safety and social obligations are met by the employer, and employees’ entitlements are provided in full.

Congratulations to Patricia and Angela on their election to the role of ASU delegates. ASU representatives are an important key to campaign success.

The ASU is preparing a submission for the Aged Care Royal Commission and seeks your input. Your experiences are essential in informing our positon. Please take the time to complete this survey; https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LXVLP95

ASU members are encouraged to join the ASU’s aged care campaign, by registering your details at https://www.asuvictas.com.au/campaigns/aged-care/

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 | wwyatt@asuvictas.com.au

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