The ballot to move ex-Western Water workers from the Western Water (WW) agreement to the City West Water (CWW) agreement has closed, with a strong Yes vote resulting.

Shortly Greater Western Water (GWW) will apply to the Fair Work Commission to formalise this. Once that’s done, the CWW agreement will be the only enterprise agreement in place at GWW.

FAQ Time:

  • What does this mean for ex-CWW workers?
    No change
  • What does this mean for ex-WW workers?
    Your conditions will be covered by the CWW agreement, plus every ex-WW worker will have an Individual Flexibility Arrangement (IFA) which overrides the agreement and your contract.
  • Can I still challenge my new classification (also being called Remuneration Mapping)?
    Yes! Classifications can be challenged or reviewed at any time. If a worker is incorrectly classified, they can have this fixed down the track and seek back-pay to resolve any underpayments.
  • I have concerns with my classification. What should I do?
    1. Read the ‘Work Level Descriptors’ in Schedule 2 of the CWW agreement for your new classification, and the one that you believe that you should be on, so that you understand the differences.
    2. Write to whoever told you your new classification and address the ‘Work Level Descriptors’ to show that you have been wrongly classified.
    3. GWW management will reply with detailed justification of their classification decision.
    4. Notify the ASU if point 3 is not undertaken by GWW management.
  • I have other questions. Who do I talk to?
    Your ASU Delegate or ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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