Some ASU Members have reached out to their delegates and the Union Branch to get further clarification on a few matters relating to RDOs, or Work Life Balance Days, as they are known under the City West Water agreement. This is an item covered by the ballot which closes COB this Wednesday 19 January 2020, and these members requested that we update all impacted members.

In addition to the information provided last Friday, if/when the City West Water agreement applies to you, the following amendments to normal WLB arrangements will apply:

  • Every GWW worker who previously worked for Western Water is eligible for WLB days, without having to meet the eligibility requirements;
  • As far as we understand, WLB days won’t show up on your payslip like RDOs did at Western Water; and
  • If you take personal or annual leave you won’t accrue WLB hours and will instead either make arrangements to accrue that WLB time on other days to allow you to take a WLB day in that cycle; or have a lower WLB balance. As such, when you’re on leave, you’ll take 7.6 hours off per day instead of 8 hours.

If you would like to read further into this before voting, you’re strongly encouraged to read internal policies and procedures relating to WLB days, and to check out clause 7.4 in the City West Water enterprise agreement here:

Without union members standing together, these conditions wouldn’t have been retained at all. If you’ve got colleagues who aren’t yet in the union, feel free to forward them this email so that they can join here: ASUjoin – join ASU – Australian Services Union

Questions? Contact your local delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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