This is a poor offer, from a rich council. Vote no and encourage colleagues to vote no too. Don’t buy into the threats coming from management.

The workers united, will never be defeated.

With a public holiday scheduled for Ballarat tomorrow, we urge you to submit your No vote on the enterprise agreement ballot today!

ASU Branch Secretary, Lisa Darmanin is quoted in the Courier. Read it here

The ASU has received many member enquiries about the conduct of Management, the most common is; “are management allowed to make threats?”

This is a sad reflection on employee relations at the City of Ballarat.

Do not believe everything you read, or are told by Management who desperately want to keep the cost of employees down, they will use any tactic to get their desired outcome.

But guess what they will give themselves after the vote, nice fat pay rises, just like last time. For keeping the costs of labour down.

The ASU has a positive plan if the council employees vote no to the proposed agreement, we don’t plan to use industrial action except as a last resort, we will continue to bargain in good faith.

We will continue to keep members informed on progress of bargaining.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt |

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