Voting on managements proposed Ballarat City Council Enterprise Agreement commences this Monday 4 November, and closes lunch time Friday 8 November.

Make sure you get your votes in by close of business Thursday 7 November due to Ballarat Show Day on Friday 8 November.

All employees are eligible to vote, and should have received voting instructions via mail or email.

If you have not received voting instructions, or are aware of someone else who hasn’t, please contact Andrew Prestage, Workplace Relations Lead on 0418 119 447 or email

ASU representatives urge all employees to vote NO in the ballot.

This sub-standard offer does not have the support of the ASU bargaining team.

The ASU is committed to fixing inequities in the agreement and rejecting this offer will enable further negotiations to improve those important issues affecting employees like;

  • the terrible classification review policy
  • stagnant wage growth
  • recognition of longstanding employees
  • unfair discipline and misconduct processes
  • failures around thermal comfort
  • other unresolved issues in Leisure, Waste, Early Childhood, in the Phoenix centre
  • conditions affecting your horticultural colleagues.

Don’t lock in sub-standard terms and conditions for 4 years.

Vote NO in the up-coming ballot.

Please distribute this newsletter and post on notice boards.

Further information please contact: your local delegate or
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 1300 855 570 |

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