The ASU has received notification that Ballarat City Council will put another agreement to a vote, this time voting will be conducted from February 3, closing February 7 2020.

Council doesn’t have agreement from unions.

Management’s latest sub-standard offer is:

  • A 4-year agreement, expiring 30 Sept 2023
  • The creation of level 2D, (equivalent to the pay for 3A)
  • Limited pay increases, and more uncertainty which is well below the industry standard.
    Year 1 – 2% | Back pay to 30 Sept 2019. (that’s nice… but)
    Year 2 – 1.6% | That’s bad.
    Year 3 – ?? | That’s really bad.
    Year 4 – ?? | That’s really bad too.

In the year 2 offer, 1.6% doesn’t keep up with the cost of living increases. And we’re just about to see prices for everything go up, for example, due to fires, the drought, troubles in middle east affecting oil prices. ABS data indicates CPI is increasing at 1.7%, RBA forecast CPI to increase to 1.9% within 24 months.

The ASU has also learned Council reneged on agreed clauses to be included for the Maternal and Child Health Nurses.

If you are in horticulture or depot, there are no guarantees of training and development and career progression in the agreement.

Classification reviews are no clearer, and there is still no recognition of top of band employees like a bonus or additional leave.

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