ASU has been made aware of many instances of intimidation and bullying behaviours by Council to get a yes vote to their proposed agreement.

Members report Council representatives have flagged privatisation as consequence of rejecting the pay offer made by council. The focus seems to be on the casual workforce, who are being told they will lose their jobs or be outsourced. Don’t believe the lies of a desperate employer who’s only objective to keep wages low so they have more surplus to save in contingency funds (like for office furniture, when BWOW is confirmed to be the lemon we know it is.)

Intimidation and threats are a low and desperate tactic. It is clear from media reports Council and the CEO already have a privatisation agenda, voting Yes to this dud offer doesn’t guarantee no privatisation or outsourcing in the future, they may well do it anyway, and to sacrifice fair wage increases on what is likely a false promise would not be in members interests.

Council have focussed their propaganda on the first year of pay increase being 2%, and back pay, and conveniently forgotten to mention the second year is 1.6% and the two years after that are not even set.  This creates the concern pay increases won’t keep up with the increases to your cost of living over three years.

ASU has also been made aware that many employees have not received voting instructions, and have requested that these be provided by council only to have these requests ignored or not actioned. If Council are not providing voting instructions to members, then it undermines the democratic requirements of the voting process, and calls into question the result. If you have not received voting instructions, make the request of HR immediately, and let the ASU know, so we can challenge the veracity of the vote if our members are not allowed to participate.

Protected industrial Action
With the vote underway, and with the confidence the offer will be rejected, ASU is now in the process of collecting suggestions on work bans and stoppages that employees can undertake to progress EA claims and elicit a better pay offer.

 ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 | would welcome suggestions on what bans or stoppages members are willing to undertake. Please submit any ideas, so that, in the event the vote is again a successful NO vote, we can immediately lodge an application for protected industrial action.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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