The ASU was involved in a Fair Work Commission hearing this morning, an arbitration will be scheduled for next week, and a mediation conference has been organised by the Fair Work Commission and is scheduled between ASU and Council 3:30 pm on Tomorrow (Saturday 28th March). ASU delegates have been invited and many will be taking time out of their weekend to attend.

The basis for ASU’s dispute with council a failure to properly apply the stand down provisions in the Fair Work Act (Section 524), council say there is no work for employees, ASU contends that there is useful work employees could be safely conducting, and that these decisions to stand down should have been subject to consultation to ascertain what work could continue before a unilateral decision to stand down the majority of the workforce was made.

ASU is now seeking submissions from members and delegates who believe they can safely continue to do useful work, either in their usual capacity, or through modifications, or alternative duties.

Submissions can be provided to ASU through a survey

The deadline for any submissions is 12.00 pm tomorrow, submissions will be used in preparation for the Fair Work mediation conference. Employees who wish to continue to be useful and work, should participate.

The ASU understands that the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented event, and scary, but the employer is still bound by employment laws, contracts of employment and the enterprise agreement terms and conditions. Not to mention Occupational Health and Safety obligations, like consultation with HSR’s on their proposed  measures to control risks and hazards.

the ASU and other councils are working constructively, to ensure compliance with these obligations. Ballarat is making no effort, and so we are left with this dispute and seeking the assistance of the Fair Work Commission as a last resort.

Feel free to share this bulletin with colleagues interested in knowing more about union membership. Encourage them to join.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt |

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