ASU delegates on the Central Consultative Forum met with Council today in accordance with the outcome of last Saturday’s Fair Work Commission conference.

The staff representatives were able to put to management many views and recommendations to mitigate the need for stand downs; these submisisons were captured from employees through the survey and in submissions made directly to delegates and the ASU organisers.

These views were representative of many workers at council, not just union members, and we hope council considers these and implement the safe, reasonable and workable modifications and adjustments recommended to ensure as many staff as possible are usefully employed.

The discussions today were constructive, and Delegates felt that management were listening.
We will get a response to these submissions in writing before the end of the week, where any staff views or recommendations are not accepted.

If our suggestions were accepted this should be reflected in changes communicated to staff directly from managers and supervisors.

The ASU will notify members of the outcome of the discussions when a response is received from Council.

Additionally, a Council representative made a comment today that they want to work with ASU and the CCF to find amenable solutions, the representative then went on to acknowledge the financial hardships staff may be or will be experiencing now or in the future.

If a council employee has a particular individual case of financial hardship, they are encouraged to speak to a member of councils People and Performance Unit, and make an application for additional special paid leave or paid duties.

These applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and are at the discretion of the Council.

The ASU is certainly willing to help members and provide advice and assistance in making these claims.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt |

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