ASU bargaining representatives met with Council today to hear what improvements were on offer to reach an agreement.

An improved offer was made, but some elements of members claims that remain have not received favourable responses.

The unresolved issues the ASU took to the Fair Work Commission and campaigned for, in opposition to the ballot on Councils proposed agreement, are detailed below.

Where Council have improved their offer or not,  is detailed below each unresolved issue;

  • Classification review/training and development
    • Council has improved the training and development clause offer, they have designed a scheme that focuses on Horticulture, and roads maintenance, but will impact other business units, broadly the offer is:
    • Introduce a Band 2D increment:
    • Apprentices will progress based on their apprenticeship contract
    • All other Band 2 employees progress to Band 2D over time
    • Band 2 employees progress on anniversary date in the twelve months after EA2019 approved
    • Introduce a Band 2 to Band 3 Promotion Guide
  • Pay increases – quantum and timing
    • Pay increases, – no change; council have not improved on previous offer of 80% of rate cap, this means a 2% increase 2019/2020 and 1.6% in 2020/21 future rates caps have not been established.
    • Timing – the agreement would still have a expiry date of 30 September 2023, notionally, if agreement made today a 3 and a half year agreement.
  • Thermal comfort/adverse weather conditions
    • Management have proposed to include a thermal comfort clause.
  • Top of band recognition
    • No change, there is no offer for  top of band recognition.
  • Additional Annual leave
    • No change, there is no offer for additional leave
  • Disputes resolution
    • Bargaining representatives have reached settlement on the dispute clause.
  • Discipline and underperformance
    • Bargaining representatives have reached settlement on the dispute clause, the discipline procedure is now subject to dispute resolution clause.
  • Waste collection
    • The proposal to remove the Overtime component from the annualized salary altogether has been rejected by council, they propose to retain 50 hours of overtime, and 5 public holidays.
  • Leisure
    • Permanent part time employees conditions have been protected.
  • Early Childhood unit
    • No change or further improvements.
  • Assets infrastructure unit
    • No change or improvements.

ASU bargaining representatives have requested financial costings be conducted into the effect of above 80% of rate cap salary increase. This information will be provided by council early in the new year.

From 13th January, ASU bargaining representatives will conduct members meetings to report back in more detail on the outcome of these negotiations, ASU will get members feedback, and instruction on how to progress bargaining. Look out for the invitation in the new year.

Due to the bulk of members taking some form of leave, all parties agreed to adjourn negotiations for now, the intent is to resume mid January.

From your bargaining representatives; Have a safe and happy festive break.


For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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