Ballarat and District Aboriginal Coop has agreed to begin negotiations with ASU members. It is imperative that prior to these negotiations formally commencing a log of claims from  ASU membership needs to be established, in order to understand what is important to the workforce please complete the below survey as this will form the bases of our log of claims document.


Please take this link to complete the survey:


Upon collation of the survey the ASU will hold workplace meetings to further collect input and feedback regarding the claims. We endeavour to have the finalised Log of Claims endorsed by the members in December before negotiations commence.


The ASU looks forward to engaging with the membership through this important Industrial process, it is important that  if you are not yet in the union to get on board  as this will provide greater strength leading into the negations.


Remember your union strength is your workplace power. Don’t leave your colleagues out in the cold, ask them to join today!


If you have any questions and/or any feedback please contact ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe on 0428 734 059 or

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