Please find following the Log of Claims (LOG) that has been complied after your input and discussion. We have reached a threshold point in the EBA process when our membership endorses the Log. A meeting has been organised for members to endorse the Log.

DATE: Tuesday 5 February
TIME: 3pm
VENUE: 109 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat

The log will then be presented to Management. The bargaining process will commence with the ASU negotiation team of delegates and ASU organiser Charlie Volpe.

The log is a clear statement from the membership of pay and conditions sought. The important work of delivering, hope, justice, and opportunity to young people under your care requires a workforce that is appropriately resourced and supported.

Your involvement and support have been critical to ensure your representatives are in an informed and clear position. Your ongoing involvement now is now even more critical.

Remain active and engaged and talk to potential members about the value of joining to build a stronger union. The stronger our collective voice is the better the negotiation outcomes.

To be involved in negotiation of the first workplace agreement at BADAC is a unique privilege for us all. Your role in creating the best working environment through your Enterprise Agreement is a legacy to be proud of.

If you require any further information or wish to provide feedback please contact:
ASU Organiser Charlie Volpe | 0428 734 459 |


BADAC  – Log of Claims

  1. Staff to remain above award throughout the life of the agreement and to receive 3.5% each July or the national wage case whichever is greater and the full Equal Pay adjustment Order on December 1 (NB order expires 2020)
  2. End of Year shutdown: 3 days ex gratia between Christmas and New Year
  3. Paid Cultural and Ceremonial Leave (10 days)
  4. Annual Leave at 5 weeks (6 weeks if working more than 10- weekends over 12 months)
  5. Compassionate Leave entitlements at 5 days per occasion
  6. Professional Leave/Study Leave Provisions
  7. 13 weeks Long Service Leave after 10 years and to be able to be accessed after 7 years ( the 7 year option is now legislated)
  8. Inclusion of the ASU Family Violence Leave Clause in full (20 days paid leave)
  9. Sick Leave 12 days after 1 year, 14 days after 2 – 4 years then 21 days after 5 years
  10. All allowances to increase in line with the EBA
  11. Disciplinary  Procedure: To ensure Right to Union Representation, including workplace Delegates and the right to Natural Justice
  12. ASU having access to staff induction to present the importance of being Unionised
  13. Dispute settlement – allows Union representation, status quo maintained during disputes, & all disputes to be arbitrated by the Fair Work Commission (if unable to reach agreement). Any workplace matter to be taken to FWC for mediation and/or arbitration if not resolved.
  14. Work/life Balance – Purchase Leave 48/52
  15. Recognition of service once you the top of your band, for example additional leave or monetary amount
  16. Higher duties to be paid after 1 day of performing at higher level
  17. Agreed Classification and Job Descriptions, inclusion of the SCHADS Classification structure in the EBA
  18. Consultation to occur with the workforce when the Organisation is complementing change and the ASU to be formally notified, and effected employers to be represented throughout this process and in the case of Union Members that the ASU to be their representative upon their request.
  19. Fixed Term Contracts: not to be used where employment could be ongoing (e.g True fixed term contracts may include special projects and back fill for extended absences)
  20. On call and Recall Remuneration and hours of work and breaks between on call duties
  21. Union Representation rights: 5 days per annum paid training leave per Delegates and Delegates entitled to utilise resources and allocated time in the performance of their Union role. Delegates also to be introduced to new staff and be involved in the induction process in articulating the role of Unions in the workplace
  22. Severance pay to still be paid at 2 weeks per year of service.
  23. Redeployment to be for a minimum of 3 months, and if redeployed to a new position that salary maintenance be in place for a minimum of 12 months with EBA increase to apply (in the event the salary level is higher than this higher rate applies)
  24. Casual Conversion: option to convert to permanency after 6 months and casual status to be used only where there is a genuine need to accommodate unpredictable and irregular work.
  25. Paid parental Leave provision. Primary at 10 weeks, secondary at 4 weeks and superannuation to be paid all episodes of Paid Parental leave and any unpaid parental leave
  26. Broader definition of family in particular in the case of Bereavement Leave to include cousins and aunties and uncles, and this should be paid leave and not to come out of Annual leave to attend sorry business.
  27. TIL in lieu at penalty rates and payment of TIL at penalty rates if time off cannot be taken within 3 months
  28. Option not to work on Invasion day (Australia Day) and in lieu be granted another day off to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of the First Nations/Indigenous Community
  29. Transition to retirement Clause
  30. Provisions for Working from home
  31. Provision for Flexible workplace arrangements
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