The negotiations for the inaugural Ballarat and District Co-op EBA Agreement are at a critical stage.

The ASU’s position has always been that this agreement must improve on what is currently in place.

Through the solid commitment work of ASU delegates Tim Sands and Kelvin Meloury we have secured a number of significant gains and improvements.

 In principle gains in the proposed Agreement:

  • ASU Family Violence Clause at 12 days paid leave
  • Paid Cultural and Ceremonial Leave
  • 3 days Compassionate Leave
  • Broadening the definition of Family
  • Paid Professional Development leave and paid study leave
  • 13 weeks Long Service Leave after 12 years
  • Personal leave at 13 days inclusive of 2 wellbeing days
  • Inclusion of the disciplinary procedure
  • Agreed Dispute resolution processes
  • Inclusion of Purchased Leave at 48/52
  • 12-month pay point progression
  • Top of band bonus
  • Clearer provisions around Higher duties allowance
  • Consultation with respect to change to occur when BADAC is contemplating change and the ASU to be notified
  • Commitment to a permanent workforce and the limited use of short term contracts.
  • Improved redeployment provisions along with Job search entitlements
  • Option to work on Invasion day with penalty rates applying if worked
  • Agreed on-call and recall provisions
  • Paid Union Delegate leave and Delegate rights,
  • Casual conversion right to request after 6 months
  • An agreed Transition to retirement Clause
  • Provisions to working from home and flexible workplace arrangements

Claims still under discussion

  • Agreed Severance pay entitlements
  • Agreed Classification structure that better reflects and remunerates roles appropriately, linked to the wages Claim
  • Time in Lieu provisions, although agreed that any approved TIL will be at Penalty

Key claims that are not secured and still in negotiation are;

  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Extra Annual Leave, in particular days between Christmas and New Year

Negotiations have resulted in good outcomes. Once outstanding claims are resolved, ASU members will have the opportunity to vote on the agreement prior to the agreement being put to an all-staff vote.

ASU delegate Tim Sands will be making time over the next week to meet and discuss the agreement and outstanding claims with ASU members.

The ASU would also welcome any contact and feedback from the membership especially if you require any further clarity or information.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe | 0428 734 459 |
ASU Delegate Tim Sands on BADAC Internal extension 164

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