Just like at councils everywhere, Frankston City Council employs too many workers as casuals – but they still have rights, and the ASU is by their side

Previously, casuals at Frankston City Council were not progressing to higher bands as their time at council and their experience increased. But that’s all changed.

Thanks to ASU delegates, casuals entitled to progress through their banding increments but hadn’t, have now been back paid.

At Frankston City Council, just like at many other Victorian councils, casual employees who have worked a consistent regular roster for 6-12 months may be eligible to convert to permanent/part-time positions and to progress through the levels of your banding.

So the union wrote to Frankston City Council, providing further details of other casuals who may have been overlooked. Council management agreed to review working hours and start dates for these ASU members, resulting in them receiving paid backpay.

Now Frankston City Council has written to all long-term casuals detailing the process of casual conversion to a permanent/part-time position.

Frankston City Council is just the latest in a list of councils where active ASU members, support by experienced ASU organisers, have improved job security and take-home pay for casual workers.

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