During an ASU member meeting at Bendigo Council depot, members raised an ongoing issue –  some heavy vehicle operators were not receiving their maintenance allowance.

Long-time ASU member Brendan, a tipper operator, spoke with the ASU Organiser, who then investigated why he was not receiving the allowance.

After getting into the detail of the enterprise agreement, the Organiser worked out that not only was Brendan entitled to the maintenance allowance, he was owed back pay to December 2019.

Brendan is now receiving the maintenance allowance, and he’s thrilled to have received a considerable back-payment of $3,000.

This win has demonstrated to Brendan and others at the Bendigo depot that it pays to belong to their union and to raise issues when they happen.

Brendan is now considering becoming an ASU delegate so that his colleagues have plenty of representation on site.

It pays to have the ASU by your side.

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