Getting to know your Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services (SCHCADS) classification, classification definition and current award pay rate.

If you are employed under the SCHACDS Industry Award it is important to know your Award classification and pay point. It’s a condition of the award, that your employer informs you which classification level you are paid at.

It’s important to know your Classification Level under the award and the Classification Definition attached to that level to make sure you are not being underpaid.  You’ll find pay rates in Clause 10 and Classification descriptions in Appendix B.

If You Don’t Know Your Classification Level, ask your employer.

In the SCHCADs Award Clause 10.1 your Employer must inform you of your Classification Level. If you don’t know your Award classification, it is likely others in your workplace may have the same problem.  Talk to your workmates and email payroll to ask for a response in writing. Having a trail of correspondence will help if there is a dispute over your pay.

Check Your Hourly Rate Against The Award.  

If you are on award rates you should receive a pay rise on the 1st July each year (the Fair Work Annual Wage Review) and another pay rise in December (the Equal Remuneration Order).

The Equal Remuneration Order is a special pay rise only for workers paid under the SCHCADS award. This was achieved by a hard fought campaign by the ASU and its amazing members. Check out the story on the anniversary of this great achievement here.

Some Enterprise Agreements have clauses which alter the way these pay rises are applied but no one can be paid below the award by law.

Check your pay rates against the award on the ASU Members only section of our website.

You can also get the basic information from the Fair Work Site.

For further information or support contact the ASU Members Contact Centre on 1300 855 570

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