The Unions met with management representatives again this Tuesday. Considerable progress has been made in terms of the classification structure with proposals being put as to the relevant streams as well as management putting forward its position on the scope of the agreement as well as discussion taking place around career progression.

The hard part, where we translate the current pay points into the new structure is about to begin. Ausnet has committed to a principle of no disadvantage but once we have a draft proposal we will bring this to members to audit the translation to ensure people are properly placed.

On a slightly less positive note, Ausnet has indicated their desire to ‘modify’ the Workforce Size clause of the EA. We have indicated our unwillingness to see any change that would remove the non-compulsory redundancy provisions of the agreement and indeed have proposed a substantial increase to the voluntary component through uncapping VDPs. How serious Ausnet are about this proposal only time will tell.

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