The ASU and Professionals Australia met on Tuesday 9 November as part of ongoing enterprise bargaining negotiations.

Considerable progress has now been made after a brief two-week hiatus and there is growing optimism that we can reach agreement soon.

The classification structure has now been broadly agreed upon, with only the translation and pay points to be finalised. Members would be aware that this is being done on a no-disadvantage basis, something that was confirmed by management yesterday. In fact, as part of the transition to the new classification structure, we can expect that several roles will have an uplift to current rates over and above any quantum increases.

A discussion also took place regarding the log of claims and management’s position, including a no-prejudice position in terms of the quantum.

The parties are due to meet again next week, after that, we will be organising an update meeting for all members to attend via MS Teams so you can give your feedback and direction. At this point, we hope to have a finalised response from management.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone |

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