Following the second successful No Vote for your proposed Enterprise Agreement late last year the ASU, together with the employee bargaining representatives, have held further bargaining meetings with management in an attempt to reach an acceptable offer.

Management committed to provide us with some further approved options by 24 January 2019 with a request to seek feedback from employees as to which option may be acceptable.  Clearly the Business is still not listening to its employees as the three options presented have changed very little from the original two proposals which were previously voted down.

During negotiations the Business agreed to the request to increase Short Paid Parental Leave by one week.  The two previous agreements put out to the vote offered three weeks Short Paid Parental Leave.  In order to provide a “sign-on bonus” the Business is now proposing options which either reduce this leave to 12 days or completely remove the offer from the table and revert back to the 10 days currently provided in the 2015 Agreement.

The three options put forward by the Business are:

  1. Decreasing the offer on Short paid parental leave from 3 weeks to 12 days and offering a $250.00 “sign-on bonus” (which will be taxed).
  2. Removing the agreed three weeks of Short paid parental leave and reverting back to 10 days and offering a $350.00 “sign-on bonus” (which will be taxed).
  3. Extending the length of the agreement to FOUR YEARS and offering an $800.00 “sign-on bonus” (which will also be taxed).

Option three would see you locked in at the same low wage increase for an extra year! It also runs the risk for employees who receive Total Remuneration Packages to be worse off when the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution increases (in 2021), as the Business will absorb this increase within your total package meaning your take-home pay DECREASES!

This negotiations still seem to be going around in circles with the Business trying to put out offers with little or no changes. If things do not improve at our next bargaining meeting then the ASU will be making an application to the Fair Work Commission to have the Agreement bargaining occur in front of a Commissioner through facilitated bargaining.

The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for 5 February 2019, and the ASU is seeking your valuable feedback on the above options prior to that date.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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