Recently Aurora Energy contacted the ASU to discuss the “Test & Grow” stage of the new Transition pathway. This involves the creation of a new “Customer Success Squad”.

The business advised that they would contact the ASU again in February about changes and impacts on employees as a result of the changes to the operating model. However, we believe February is too late to start consultation and that employees are already experiencing significant impacts.

As a result, we have written to Aurora to remind them of their requirements to consult with staff and the ASU in relation to any changes and the impact on employees from here on in during the transition pathway.

As with any changes to operating models, there will be impacts on employees. Aurora’s CEO herself has advised that there will be redundancies in 2021. Other impacts may include changes to roles and functions as well as changes to policies.

The ASU is here to assist members through these changes.  Employees are entitled to have a representative at any meeting regarding their employment.

Please do not hesitate to contact ASU Organiser, Karen Tantari if you have any concerns or are impacted in any respect by the Transition Pathway or creation of the new Squads.

Feel free to share this bulletin with your colleagues and encourage them to join the ASU.  Collectively your voices are stronger!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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