Once again, the ASU and EBRs pushed for earlier meetings to enable a suitable outcome for all parties, but AGAIN management kept stalling and delayed meeting dates stating they needed to get approval for their “new” offer.  This new offer turns out to just be a rehash of the 2 previous offers but with previously negotiated terms removed and a small monetary enticement added.


VOTE NO because Hobart CPI is now 3%.  The proposed wage increase is not in line with the rising cost of living! Since your last Agreement, in 2015, CPI has been steadily rising and your wage increases did not kept in line. You are going backwards and Management merely says to “adjust the way you live”.

VOTE NO to Management’s $800 sweetener. Take tax out, spread the amount over 4 years and it ends up a handful of shiny coins but leaves you locked into well below CPI increases for another 4 years.

VOTE NO because the commitment to permanency clause isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

VOTE NO to dividing and conquering.  Middle Managers will be worse off under this new proposed offer. The Business refused to fix this as they want “equality” for the Executive Leadership team, well if this is the case they need to increase your wages in line with the ELT increases.

VOTE NO because the negotiated extra week of Short Paid Parental Leave has been removed.

VOTE NO because the negotiated extra days of emergency services leave has been removed.

VOTE NO because the business made a $13.2m (after tax) profit but say they do not have the capacity to pay.

VOTE NO because even the Government wage cap is forecast to be scrapped.

VOTE NO because then the ASU can apply to have the Agreement conciliated by the Fair Work Commission.

The ASU understands how drawn out your Enterprise Agreement bargaining has been; that most employees have had enough and just want to see an end to it but we strongly urge you to stay strong and not give in to Aurora Energy’s tactics!  You have shown the Business twice now what you think of their insulting offers – stay strong and VOTE NO again.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 | ktantari@asuvictas.com.au

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