Do you want to become part of the team actively fighting the government’s rate capping policy?

Has rate capping reduced services in your community without actually reducing your rates? We think the policy is no good and we need your help to get rid of it.

The ASU invites you to join our rate capping campaign committee. The next statewide committee will meet via zoom at 12 noon on Thursday 7th  April 2022.

What do you get?

  • Paid time off for specialised campaign training. The first all-day training will take place on Thursday 10 March. Email to reserve your place ASAP. Places are limited.
  • Being part of setting the direction for this important campaign for our industry.
  • Meeting with state politicians.
  • Working with members and ASU staff on campaigning in your workplace and the community.

If you think all this sounds exciting and something you want to be a part of, you can RSVP to the meeting on 7th April here.

Uncap our Community – campaign update

The ASU’s campaign to change the rate capping policy is gathering steam. Late last year, we released a report on the employment and economic costs of rate capping. We briefed MPs, and we’ve got more briefings scheduled. You can download the report here.

Getting the message out about our campaign is important. We’ve got a flyer you can download and either print out to distribute to your workmates or email to them.

To arrange a member’s briefing at your workplace on our campaign and the research findings, contact ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood on

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