After targeted and effective advocacy by the ASU, the Andrews Labor Government has increased funding to community sector organisations.

Each year the Victorian Government increases funding to community sector organisations to account for increases in wages and other employment costs as well as the additional costs of meeting clients’ needs.

When it was clear that the Government’s planned increase of just 2.54% was insufficient to cover the increase in workers’ wages of at least 4.6% ordered by the Fair Work Commission, the ASU swung into action. We wrote to the Premier, Treasurer and the responsible minister, made phone calls to government advisors, and made sure MP’s knew about the problem.

Because of this work, funding from DFFH to community sector organisations will increase by 4.6% for this financial year. This ensures community sector organisations can meet their legal obligations to increase workers’ wages without reducing services.

But there is much more to do.

Only a Fair Jobs Code for the Community Sector with teeth will improve job security and workplace fairness for community sector workers.

The union is pushing hard. But the more of us there are, the stronger our voice for workplace fairness in the community sector.

If you want to be involved in lobbying for a Fair Jobs Code that will make a difference for workers, contact ASU Assistant Secretary Leon Wiegard at

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